The Rides

Challenge yourself. Challenge your friends.

Ride Strong Roubaix
The Ride Strong Roubaix charity ride will start from Horseshoe Bend Township Park, nestled in Kingwood Township of Hunterdon County New Jersey, perhaps the scenic “crown jewel” of New Jersey.  There will be 3 ride choices with increasing distance that will guide you along gorgeous pastures, farms, and creeks.

​Ride solo or ride as a team in your own Peleton!  Remember, you can think of a 40 mile ride as two, 20 mile rides, or a 60 mile ride as two, 30 mile rides because you can recharge at the rest stops and break up your ride into segments.

The 20 mile Ride

This ride is a real treat for riders of all levels who are looking for a primarily smooth ride with minimal hills and beautiful scenery along the way.  Festival activities await when you arrive back!

The 40 mile Strong

This ride will up the intensity by adding punchy climbs of approximately 2500 feet of elevation, smooth roads, with a rest stop in between. This route has no gravel sections. Food, drink, and entertainment await!

The 60 mile Roubaix

For those intrepid riders, the 60 mile Roubaix route will add gravel segments, sustained climbs, and smooth distances where a rider can really crank up the watts, followed by a final climb to the finish. Be prepared for 3300 hundred feet of elevation and the various Strava segments, as well!